Rhythm of Ireland School of Irish Dance

Rhythm of Ireland School of Irish Dance

Celebrating 24 years teaching Irish Dance!

                                            ROI Performing Company

Welcome to the Exciting World of Irish Dance

                                                   Future Champions


Upcoming Feiseanna – the short list! Full Feis List at North American Feis Commission

02/8-9/2020 Raleigh Feis – Register Here: Quickfeis.com

02/15/2020 Virginia Colonial Feis – Register Here: Feisworx.com (opens soon)!

02/29/2020 Leap Year Feis – Register Here: Feisweb.com

03/21/2020 McGrath Morgan Feis – Quickfeis.com

04/26/2020 Four Provinces Feis – Feisweb.com

05/16/2020 Connick Carolinas Spring Feis – IFeis.net

05/24/2020 Hurley Feis – Feisweb.com

05/31/2020 Feis Culkin – Quickfeis.com

06/27/2020 Celtic Fling Feis – Quickfeis.com

07/25/2020 Nation’s Capital Feis – Quickfeis.com